Blend It Photo and Video Sharing Application – Web and Mobile UI Case Study

A brand new photo sharing app for web and mobile. Blend It is private albums where people can upload, download and share images and videos from a single source. Before BlendIt there was no simple way to share multiple photos within a private group. You would have to ask individuals for their photos, and many of those photos never left the user’s phone. Blend It solves this problem by providing private, shared photo and video albums. Blends can be created around events, or can be on-going. All members of the blend can upload, download and share all the media in the Blend.

This project had a very fast turn around. Wireframes were created to get our ideas laid out, and to get a consensus about how the application would work. Most of the iterations were done after the interface was designed. I had to be flexible, working between the stakeholders and the development team, hearing out the concerns and meeting the goals. The Blend It web app and iPhone app launched in December of 2013, and Android in March, 2014.

Besides the user interface for web and mobile, I also designed the Blend It branding and responsive website.

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Blend It web app wireframes

BlendIt Wires

Blend It website

BlendIt Site


Blend It web app interface

BlendIt Web Interface

Blend It mobile wireframes

Blend It Mobile Wires

Blend It mobile app

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