SendUs Media Manager Admin Panel Case Study

The SendUs platform allows businesses to put out calls for specific types of media as a way to engage their consumers. The problem was that when the media was submitted, there wasn’t an easy, quick way to manage such a large quantity of submissions. High on the user goals was the ability to see all aspects of the submission quickly in order to filter out quality photos and videos. I designed a streamlined portal that makes consuming media fast and efficient for those tasked with managing the campaign.

I started at the beginning of this project, interviewing the stakeholders and understanding the user goals. I learned that the biggest problem was weeding out the stand-out content from the mediocre content. With a focus on efficiency, I started with several hi-fidelity wireframe iterations that gradually became the interface design. As you can see comparing the wireframes to the mock ups, there was a lot of structural changes that were made while trying to figure out the best way to display all the informaiton. Today, this media manager is primarily being used by Law Enforcement agencies to help solve crimes and aide in disaster relief around the world.

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Hi-Fidelity Wireframes

Media Manager Admin Tool Wireframes


Design Mock-Ups

Media Manager Admin Tool Mock Ups